Our Story

We are a modest, inspired, dedicated family-operated venture. Our vision is simple, it is to create beautiful cutting boards, kitchenware & homeware pieces that you and your family will treasure.

So what motivates us? What makes us so different?

We use a variety of reclaimed Australian hardwoods.  These timbers have a history.  They are a part of the lives & loves of this beautiful land.  They are not bleached imports that are mass produced. Our timbers are ones that have seen the sunrise & sunset for decades.  They have stories to tell. Their touch; their warmth; their texture. You can FEEL the essence of this timber, get a glimpse of the BREATH & LIFE that it lived. A church pew. A pylon from Port Phillip Bay. A roof support that homed a family. The entrance doorway to an abandoned hotel.  A stairway tread from Princess Pier. Floor joists from a home where children ran and laughed and grew – where it was later ravaged by bush fires.

We noticed during our work that the timbers would lend themselves to becoming a certain piece.  What was intended for a butcher’s block morphed quite naturally into an elegant rolling pin.  We listened.  We waited.  And we did.  We did as the timber wanted.

We listened.  We waited.  And we did.  We did as the timber wanted.

Each piece is unique.  The histories are unique. What tales can you speak of little Wood? What do you want to be when you reincarnate?

We want YOU to have a piece of history, so that you can make memories with YOUR family & loved ones.

Made for the individual who loves quality & style in their home, we strive to make pieces as unique and one of a kind as you are.

Don’t you want a piece of our history that’s older than your Nana?

Our Team

Creative & Eternal Optimist

All round talent superstar who does not like his photo taken.

Our Family
Our Support & Inspiration


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