Policies & FAQ

Here are our Policies & Frequently Asked Questions about Us, our Products & Processes. If you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us on hello@allaboutthebase.com.au

Shipping Information

How much is shipping?

FREE postage Australia wide.

We use a courier service to ship all our orders. If your parcel CANNOT be left on the premises if you are not at home then please let us know.  We assume that it is safe to leave your delivery at the door.  If this is not the case, please contact us for a time and date that would suit you best for delivery.

Although we strive to use a courier service for a more timely delivery, at times the geographical location does not permit this, so we use Australia Post. Australia Post quotes up to 10 days delivery within Australia.

All parcels include tracking and your tracking number will be emailed to you.  If you require insurance, please contact us before purchase as this comes at an additional cost.

In times of high demand such as celebratory days and holiday season, orders may take up to 3 weeks, so please purchase ahead.

Please let us know if you require delivery by a particular date for a special occasion.


What about International Shipping?

Before you purchase please contact us for a postage quote. You can contact us here hello@allaboutthebase.com.au Please let us know which product you are referring to, where you are located (town, city, country, zip code) and when you require the item.


Are all pieces currently in stock?

Every item on our site is available and ready to post (except those in our Gallery which are some of our items already sold).

We strive to make each item individual and unique, so you will notice that no two pieces are identical.

Product Information

Who designs them?

We design each item and as strange as it sounds, most times the timber lends itself to be formed a certain way.

Where are they made?

Lovingly made in Melbourne, Victoria.

How Do I Care For My Items?

Your items are ready to use.  In regard to the cutting boards, chopping blocks and serving platters, simply rinse off with water and detergent and then let your board completely air dry before storing. All knives will mark any type of board, but this will become a part of its character.  Should you wish you can sand it back lightly and apply our Food Grade Sealant. It is also advised that you condition your board with our Food Grade Sealant every 3 to 4 weeks.

DO NOT leave your board soaking in water.
DO NOT bleach the board as this will destroy the natural antibacterial properties in the timber.
DO NOT put your boards in very hot water or dishwasher.

Where do you get your timber from?

We are able to salvage timber from a variety of places.  Most of these timbers have stories they cannot speak and are hundreds of years old.

How do you seal them?

Medical grade (food grade) Sealant to condition each piece. It is colourless, odourless and tasteless. Our Food Grade Sealant meets FDA 21 CFR 172.878 and 21 CFR 178.3620(a) regulations for direct food contact. ThisFood Grade Sealant will not taint or change the taste of food the way some other oils may. Food Grade Sealant will not go rancid and does not contain wax, polyurethane, lead dies, tung oil or any other pollutants as some alternate products do.

For wooden kitchen items, rubbing a small amount of Food Grade Sealant periodically prevents absorption of food odours, eases the cleaning process and maintains the integrity of your wooden items, by filling small surface cracks that may otherwise harbour bacteria during the repeated wetting and drying of normal use.


How Is My Item Packaged?

Your item will be packaged in bubble wrap, cardboard & a lot of love! 

We strive to be as environmental as possible so will use recycled packaging material as often as we can.

We will label the item as ‘Delicate’ ‘Fragile’ or ‘Glass’ in the hope that extra care is taken with the delivery process.

Getting Social


As a family owned Aussie business we are proud to be able to create everything in-house, source timbers locally and produce a quality product.  There are many ranking systems that happen on many different platforms.  If you find yourself with the time, we would love to hear your review & be most grateful for it. We would love to hear what you think of our products – So much so that we have shared these links!  The best news of all is that you can copy and paste the same review to ALL the platforms below.

Facebook: Would love to have your feedback here. It would help customers decide if they would like to do business with us.

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Email Subscriptions

We would love the opportunity to email you a hand full of times a year to update you on our specials & exciting products.  You can sign up at any time here.

Privacy Policy

What will you do with my information?

At checkout, you can tick a box for agreeing to receive further communication via email about future promotions, advertising or marketing that we feel may be of interest to you. This is in the form of signing up to our newsletter.

There is also a box to tick for you to agree to our Terms & Conditions and privacy policies.

Marketing & Advertising

The information you provide to us may be used for future marketing purposes such as the distribution of our newsletter and other promotional emails.

Privacy Policy

We completely value your privacy. Any of your personal details which you provide to us will be kept private, and will not be passed onto a third party under any circumstances. Other information provided such as personal details will only be used for fulfillment of your order and will not be used or redistributed in any way.

Returns, Exchanges & Change of Mind

Returns & Exchanges

Please contact us should you have any problems.  We ensure that each item is as it should be before we ship it to you.  We expect that the item is used in a manner that is fitting for its material and purpose.

Every single one of our timber products is handmade.  There will be small differences and slight variations as each item is individual and not mass produced.
Because of this, we are unable to accept returns only for a change of mind once you have checked out –  so please do select carefully.

Timber is a natural product that breathes, expands & contracts.  In a plastic disposable society, this is important to consider before your purchase.  There may be movement in the timber which is part of its nature.  We have no control over this nor can we predict it.  With normal use and that fitting your item, it is a reasonable expectation that it can continue to perform in the manner for which it is suited.

If your product is considerably different to its description, or there is a genuine problem with the quality of your item – please contact us for an exchange. We want you to love your purchase and we will work hard to do this.

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