Have you ever perused through your phone and something stops you in your tracks? A serendipitous moment.  Today it happened.

This is the home that Arthur and Alice lived in. In 1890, after living with Arthur’s parents for some time, the newlyweds wanted a place of their own.  So they purchased this little home.  Alice was a lady of small stature, and the elevated front made her feel 10 foot tall.  they had 3 little boys.

127 years later, one of their great great grand kids decided it was time to renovate. So he lovingly pulled out every piece of timber he could get his hands on to make the place more open planned.

127 years later, we gratefully collected these timbers and brought them to our workshop.

127 years later, they will be made into pieces that have breathed life into this world.

127 years later, they can be a part of your home.  Solid, beautiful 7 full of history.

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