We Are Here … Here We Are

We have started.  WE have begun.

We have created our first piece.  Not the most amazing piece, but what WAS amazing is its creation.  The fact that it is here.

Have you ever sat and pondered whilst doing Life?  Pondered and fantasised about the life that you dreamed of?  The life that is beyond your grasp?  The life that had you:  the resources, education or right partner …  that you would be living?   Well, this cutting board is the springboard into that life.

It is a long story of where we were,  but we are here now.   We don’t swim.   We don’t even own bathers.  This springboard we have seen on TV …  but we never got so close so as to be standing on one.   And let me tell you  …  it’s wobbly out here.

Join us out here  –  there’s plenty of space here on the leading edge

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